Why Get a Luxury Mattress& How to Choose the Best One

Why Get a Luxury Mattress& How to Choose the Best One

Why Get a Luxury Mattress& How to Choose the Best One

It’s interesting how people are willing to pay the high dollar for designer clothes but won’t do the same for their mattress. Even if we spend a lot of our life in bed, people still don’t realize the importance of good night sleep for the quality of life.

It comes as a surprise to many, but we spend one-third of our lives in bed. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for us to invest in a mattress that doesn’t give us back a sore neck. On the contrary, the right bed should help us sleep like a baby every single night.

How to tell the difference between a luxury mattress and a regular one?

Suffice to say, and the price may tell you that you’re about to make a significant investment in your life. however, many aspects differentiate a luxury mattress from a regular one:

How to tell the difference between a luxury mattress and a regular one?

Amazing level of comfort

Did you ever spend the night in a 5-star hotel or resort and think that you’ve just had the best sleep in your entire life? If so, it’s the 5-star mattress that made all the difference. Why wait to go on a vacation until you sleep amazing again when you can go ahead and pay the extra buck for a luxury mattress of your own?

It makes you feel pampered

It’s not easy to admit it, but using a luxury mattress makes you feel like you’re unique. It’s not like a designer bag that people get to see, as not many will check the luxurious mattress you have at home. When you’re shopping for a luxury mattress, but the budget is tight, you can always go for a luxury topper. You can find mattress toppers for an

excellent price and have the special feeling you desired. Moreover, a luxury topper works on a regular mattress too.

Everything is high-quality

Manufacturers don’t make any compromises when making luxury mattresses. They use only high-quality materials and pay attention to every single detail of the mattress. They focus on creating a luxury mattress, no matter how high the final price will get. As luxury mattress aren’t created equal, you should pay attention to several aspects when choosing your luxury mattress:

Feel and comfort

Should you be in store, you can see for yourself that luxury mattresses always have a soft touch feel, especially when compared to the affordable counterparts. High-end manufacturers only use the most exquisite materials for the cover (organic lamb’s wool, cashmere, natural cotton, and more). You can tell the quality miles away.

The inside of the bed is made with top-rated elements that promote a better sleep than any affordable foams of innerspring. To give you an example, the purple mattress is one of the luxurious picks as it’s made with hyper-elastic polymer and more than 7in thick polyurethane foam. The breathability, the alignment for your shoulders, back, and neck are increasing your comfort.

Level of firmness

It’s common for luxury mattress brands to provide zoned rigidity that is customized for every person sharing that bed. High-end models are easy to flip so that one can choose the level of firmness on every side of the bed. Having this possibility is fantastic, as the level of firmness is fundamental for a good night’s sleep.

Comfort is a matter of personal taste. Some like the mattress to be plush and soft, but that may impact your spinal column. On the other hand, a very firm surface may put too much pressure on your joints and muscles. Ideally, it would help if you tried the mattress, so don’t forget to check its trial period.

Edge support

Edge support refers to the structure and encasing of the whole mattress. Typically, the innerspring provides the edge support thanks to the internal springs that are covered by metal element structure. You can sit comfortably on edge, without any worry for sagging. A cheap model is going to decline nine times out of ten. When the edge support is excellent, you know that the mattress is of good quality.

As for the models with latex and memory foam, the high-end mattresses have support across the whole sleeping surface. The density and the type of tiered foam are what gives support for memory foam. Latex is more expensive when it’s organic. Should you want a hybrid model, look for one with innerspring elements.

Density and thickness

Density and thickness aren’t the same. Density is related to the memory foam mattresses. The higher the density, the longer-lasting the model will be. You also pay for the higher density, which is typical for the luxurious mattresses. High density means better support for your body, and it matters more than thickness.

Thickness is essential only for the coil and innerspring models. A thick mattress is the right choice, especially if you’re a big guy.

Thickness ranges from 10 to 14 inches, but some coil models can get up to 20 inches. Thickness is a sign of luxury for the coil models. Either way, you should never go with something smaller than 8inches- even if your wallet is thin.

What counts the most when selecting your luxury mattress?

Lifespan and warranty

One major thing that sets the luxurious mattresses apart from the rest is the life span and warranty. You do get what you pay for as manufacturers know that customers won’t spend so much on something that lasts a couple of years. Therefore, luxurious models come with warranties that last a lifetime. The materials are pricier, and the manufacturing process is more sophisticated so that no detail is forgotten.

Should longevity be the most important quality you want in a luxurious mattress, latex is your choice, for sure.

One last piece of advice

Many things matter for the quality of sleep, but spinal alignment is probably the most significant. When you don’t get it, you wake up in the morning with neck pain, back pain, hip pain, headaches, and shoulder pain. On top of everything else, it can become chronic. When you get a luxurious mattress, the risk of improper spinal alignment is almost null. As they’re made to provide fantastic pressure relief and support wherever you may need it.

And if you’re willing to pay the extra-buck, always make sure that you get as picky as you want. After all, you only buy a luxury mattress for once in a lifetime.