What type of basketball shoes to opt for ?

Basketball is called the game of the gods: the sport develops endurance, speed, the ability to work in a team. It is impossible not to note its availability: enough ball and a metal ring to arrange a little match. Nevertheless, basketball is a traumatic sport, so equipment for constant play must be chosen very carefully. You should not save money on your own safety: damage can be very significant and permanently remove the athlete from the site.

In order to choose the right basketball equipment, you need to pay special attention to its main characteristics. Properly selected items will make the game of basketball enjoyable and very productive.

Many people buy their shoes for not playing sports, but for their everyday wear. Experts say that sneakers should be worn no more than three hours a day. That is, sports shoes should be used only during sports. We offer to familiarize yourself in more detail – how to choose sneakers.

The most important attribute of an athlete is his special sneakers with high sides, which protect not only the foot, but also the shin, a part of the tibia from damage. They prevent muscle sprains, as well as other negative consequences. The shock absorbing outsole allows you to jump higher and farther; the anti-slip layer helps to maintain balance after landing. Such shoes absorb other people’s blows, reducing injuries and protecting them from fractures.

When choosing a specific solution, it is necessary to pay close attention to the manufacturer. Shoes should be ready for the most intense loads, which means that cheap and low-quality options instantly come into disrepair. Giving an example, sneakers for the game of volleyball, are absolutely not suitable for basketball. The risk of being injured increases by several times.


Basketball shoes manufacturers (Nike (TM Air Jordan), Adidas, Under Armor, Anta)

It’s hard to imagine a basketball player playing barefoot in the hall. Thanks to basketball shoes we can feel comfortable on the basketball court. High-quality outsole allows you to make lightning movements and it saves your knees and joints from injury, including  mechanical injuries, dislocations and sprains.

The leader in the basketball shoe industry is NIKE with its legendary trademark Air Jordan. An interesting fact for fans of the brand will be deciphering the name itself, because the company was named after the Greek goddess Nika, and the logo symbolizes its wing. In its more than half a century history since 1964, the Nike brand has become the most recognizable in sports circles and is the most expensive sports brand in the world. So, some analysts estimate that this company accounts for 90% of the American market share of basketball shoes.

Air Jordan brand is directly associated with high-quality sneakers company. Virtually everyone can afford to buy a common Nike basketball lineup. This can not be said about the branch Air Jordan. The price segment starts from $100 and ends on some hundreds dollars for the top-level models. Michael Jordan wore his personal sneakers Jordan 1 for the first time in the season 1984/1985. Interestingly, throughout the season, the NBA leadership fined the “newcomer of the year” for 5 thousand dollars for each game played in the new sneakers. The reason was simple and banal – the discrepancy between the dress code of the league due to the bright red and black color. Perhaps the best advertising for Nike was hard to come up with. The main emphasis in the development of the brand was placed on high-quality and expensive basketball clothes and shoes.

Not a less famous brand, whose products are associated with three snow-white stripes, is the German group ADIDAS. Athletes and basketball players can find comfortable basketball sneakers, breathable uniforms and equipment in the Adidas performance line. This trend is characterized by the use of modern technology, the purpose of which is to facilitate training for athletes.

Another American brand that is gaining popularity every year is Under Armor. In its development, until recently, the company did not focus only on the development of basketball shoes. Sales of all lines of sports shoes make up less than 25% of the company’s turnover, which is incomparable with the same stock with more than 50%. But 2014 was a turning point when Under Armor tried to beat off the face of the brand from Nike, Kevin Durant, thus showing the company’s desire to develop this direction. Taking into account the success story of this young brand  by the standards of the industry, its entry into the TOP-5 list of Forbes among the most expensive sports brands is increasingly forcing professional athletes to look closely at the new products.

Despite the fact that all the production of sports shoes are located directly in Asia, but only one company is originally from there. This company name is ANTA. It is located in China and is among the elite of manufacturers of sports shoes. Anta sports has repeatedly been the official sponsor of the national team. Since 2012, the face of the brand in the NBA has become an eminent Kevin Garnet, who preferred to work with Anta instead of Adidas. A distinctive feature of the company is a development path similar to American and European companies. The company’s laboratory allows you to develop new products at affordable prices. Anta basketball shoes can be purchased starting at $80.

In pursuit of a low price you should not strive to buy products of companies without a name. Also it is necessary to be afraid of purchase of fakes and counterfeit. The only similarity of such products with the original is the appearance. The inner filling does not correspond at all and will fail at the most inopportune moment. Being engaged in underground shoes a player will noy be   at the maximum of their capabilities, but can permanently be in a huge danger of suffering an injury. Appreciate your health and look for opportunities to buy shoes of top brands with discounts from official representatives. For more information regarding the best shoes for playing this sport you can acces “https://www.beaufortgolfresort.com/best-outdoor-basketball-shoes/ “.

Remember that you can always ask for certificates for purchased products. And if in doubt, write directly to a company representative in you country, describing the problem and attaching photographs of the box and sneakers to the letter.