Weekender,  crossbody, satchels &more- The 11 Types of Luggage to Check before Buying


Travel seems easy until you need to buy a bag. Is it a carry-on that you need, a weekender, a spinner, or a travel pack that you should get? Is the duffel bag the best option for your next weekend getaway or the satchel the most appropriate choice?

We can perfectly understand your confusion, which is why you should keep reading for some “enlightenment” on types of luggage. By the end of it, the only thing left for you to do is to plan your vacay J

  1. Weekender bag

As the name says, the weekender bag will fit everything you need for a weekend trip. It’s something between a duffel bag and a travel tote (keep reading for the details). It comes with two handles and may also feature a crossbody strap.

If you’re a heavy packer, the weekender bag isn’t the perfect choice for you since it doesn’t come with wheels. It’s incredibly versatile and easy to go through the crowded terminals. All in all, thi is one sophisticated type of luggage, and reputed manufacturers don’t hesitate using expensive materials for making it.

  1. The satchel

The satchel is a structured bag made of leather and flexible enough. Many messenger bags, backpacks, and purses can be defined as satchels. It’s smaller than a weekender and works for a day trip, work, and even as a “personal item” when flying. It’s instead a luxurious and elegant type of luggage.

  1. Travel tote

You may have noticed that large bag with parallel handles that are placed on the side. The travel tote is unfastened and has just one compartment for your essentials. Sometimes, it can include several small compartments so that you don’t lose the little essentials like phone, wallet, electronics, and so on.

  1. Duffel bag

It’s a cylindrical bag with soft-sided, and it’s typically made from long-lasting nylon. Many models come with two handles and a crossbody strap, but you can also get a rolling version.

The best part about the duffel bags is that they have a wide opening and a generous main compartment. If you need to pack large items (camping gear, helmets, and so on), the duffel bag is your best shot.

  1. Messenger bag

The messenger bag is a crossbody bag that comes with flap closure and soft sides. Messengers typically use them, but they’re quite popular in urban regions, especially amongst commuters and cyclists. They’re the perfect choice for everyday use and work, and men choose them over the briefcases.

Many models are large enough for a fitting laptop, and the variety of models, colors, and fabrics is overwhelming at times.

  1. Carry-on bag

The carry-on bag is made to fit perfectly inside the overhead compartment on an airplane, hence the name. Even if the size may vary from one airline company to another, 22 by nine by 14 in is pretty much standard. The numbers also include the wheels and handles.

You may use a carry-on also when traveling by train or by car since they easily fit in the train’s overhead compartment and the car trunk. If you’re aiming for durability and protection, get a carry-on made of hard cases. For those of you who cannot help buying souvenirs and always need more storage space, a model with soft-sides is the better choice.

  1. Dopp kit

Most of the time made of leather, the Dopp kit is a structured toiletry bag. Soldiers used it in both World Wars, which explains the military feel that the Dopp kit still has. They’re designed mostly for men, but women also use Dopp kit, primarily since they can perfectly protect the makeup compacts and perfume bottles.

Modern Dopp kit is simple, moderately sized, and have zippers for closure. If it’s too small for your needs, you can always go with a typical toiletry bag.

  1. Garment bag

Are you planning some exquisite trip? The garment bag is made for maintaining your most delicate clothes protected against wrinkles and dust. Many garment bags come with an attached hanger so that you may easily store it in the hotel closet once you get to your destination.

Truth be told, most garment bags are designed for men that travel for business and need the two-pieces suits. However, more and more women also choose business outfits over having to iron in the hotel.

Most basic ones are simple sheaths, just like the ones you get for free when buying an expensive coat. But you may also choose the garment bags that work as luggage as they also include space for several ensembles and even pouches and pockets for the miscellaneous.

  1. Travel pack

Any outdoor enthusiast knows that the travel pack is the no.1 choice when traveling. Travel packs are lightweight, yet long-lasting and the ergonomic design reduce the strain for your shoulders and back. Some essential features (hip belts, adjustable and padded shoulder straps) render the travel packs to be comfortable for traveling. They may be bulkier than the traditional backpack, but allow easy packing nine times out of ten.

Look for the models with detachable day packs when you plan a day-trip on your vacation.

  1. Wheeled backpack

You don’t need to be rocket science to know that the wheeled backpack is a backpack with wheels. However, there’s more to the wheeled bag than wheels. The wheeled backpack can be the rolling backpack for your kid going to school or the carry-on pack when traveling.

If you’re traveling for a long time and in different places, over all sorts of terrains, the wheeled backpack is the most appropriate choice.

Look for the lightweight, long-lasting, and ergonomic models, with the outdoor companies selling the most durable backpacks for the obvious reasons.

  1. Spinner luggage

Anyone traveling with two-wheeled luggage and trying the change direction all of a sudden will perfectly understand the spinner luggage. Spinner luggage comes with four wheels that turn 360degree, so you may easily glide it around the tight corner for running through the airport. The incredible freedom of movement begins with a price, with spinner luggage being less durable on rough surfaces and prone to damage. If you want a more rugged model, you’re going to have to pay the extra buck.

Needless to say, the four wheels add some weight and take some of the interior packing space. You can find spinners for both checked size and carry-on, with hard shells and soft shells as main categories in terms of materials.