The soccer shoes come in a great variety of forms: turf shoes, indoor shoes, molded cleats, and interchangeable cleats. Each type is designed for a specific kind of surface so you should know exactly which type of surface you are going to be playing on. For instance, interchangeable and molded cleats work best for natural grass surfaces, where you need to bite into the ground for better traction. Go with the indoor shoes when playing soccer in some sports courts, asphalt or concrete. As for the turf shoes- it’s quite evident that they’re meant to be worn on turf-covered fields.

What’s to know about soccer on turf?

Turf is an artificial grass material that is used for sports fields not only in soc

cer but also in football and baseball. It’s made of two parts: the synthetic grass blades and the mat to which the blades are attached.

The turf mat is typically waterproof, whereas the artificial grass blades are more robust than regular grass. You’re not going to be able to wear regular cleats on turf as they’re designed to bite into the ground surface for increased traction. The regular soccer cleats are going to be both uncomfortable and inefficient in terms of traction. They also wear down the surface a lot faster, which is why they’re forbidden on most turf fields.

Do you need to use turf soccer shoes?

Turf soccer shoes come with tough outsoles that present aggressive and raised treads of different designs (they’re dense). The raised treads are typically more shallow than the blades/studs on regular soccer cleats.

Turf soccer shoes aren’t supposed to penetrate the mat surface; they’re made to hold on to the dense turf grass instead. This is why they’re able to improve your traction and your comfort on the turf surfaces, as they’re coming in contact with turf evenly.

What’s to know when choosing your turf soccer shoes?

You should pay attention to all the details mentioned above. You want your turf soccer shoe to fit snugly in both the toe and the heel, so that you may touch the ball a lot better. Your foot shouldn’t slide around inside, as you may end up with some blisters and sore feet. Stay away from the turf shoes that are too narrow, pinching your feet.

It’s better that you look for the leather shoes as they’re going to stretch and conform to your foot in time, providing a more comfortable and custom fit.

You should wear your regular soccer socks and shin guards when trying on soccer turf shoes, especially if you’re going to get some with ankle guards (they’re going to influence the fit).


Here are some useful things to keep in mind when choosing your turf soccer shoes:

  • Tongueless- these shoes give an amazing snug fit, so you’re going to feel the ball a lot better, reducing the risk for your foot moving around the cleat
  • Offset laces- they ease up the striking of the ball with your instep. It’s easier to shoot, and you’re going to pass the ball more precisely
  • Ankle collars- they’re going to help your feet snug and secure, improving your ankle stability. Not everyone likes this feeling, and you may need some time to get used to it.
  • Dimples and/or small bumps on the surface of the soccer shoe is going to give you better control over the ball and higher precision when shooting. They’re not essential, but may count for your performance
  • Kangaroo leather cleats are comfy and ensure amazing control when passing, shooting or dribbling
  • Rubber soles- you should go with rubber (and not plastic) outsole for your turf soccer shoes. Other materials are also going to wear down pretty fast and aren’t going to be able to provide you with the flexibility you need for more rapid movement.

Should you go with leather or synthetic?

If you’re looking for versatile soccer shoes, you should always go with synthetic materials. They ensure a good feel for the ball and don’t disappoint in terms of durability either. They’re affordable and quite popular, and most soccer players are going with polyester upper for their soccer shoes.

The leather is a bit more expensive and may wear out even faster than synthetic. Nevertheless, animal hide can provide an impressive and outstanding feel for the ball. Cleats made of leather are insanely comfortable and ensure efficient control too. They’re stretching a lot better, which is always a piece of good news for someone with wide feet.

Let’s highlight that synthetic tuff soccer shoes make the better choice for kids and casual soccer players. However, if you’re a dedicated/professional soccer player (and a central midfielder that likes to play through-balls), leather turf soccer shoes are always going to be a perfect choice. If you typically wear your boots out in no time, maybe it’s wiser that you stay away from leather shoes.

What about Adidas turf soccer shoes?

When it comes to turf soccer shoes, Adidas is always giving us the most reliable options. Their shoes are designed to ensure better performance. The Adidas turf soccer shoes come with snug compression-specific uppers which offer instant fit, whereas the lightweight outsole frame is going to increase your speed and traction, without sacrificing control in any way. They come in original colorways, and it’s not difficult to find your best choice. You can also try the new graphic prints when a great first impression is also your goal.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

One of the most representative models for Adidas turf soccer shoes is the Performance Mundial, which is Adidas’s version of the first Copa’s made for artificial turf. They come with rubber outsole and short studs, which ensures amazing traction on synthetic grass. The grip is excellent and durable, and the kangaroo leather takes the use for the right amount of time. The lining is synthetic, which only gives another layer of protection for the upper part.

The feel for the ball is the main asset of the Adidas turf soccer shoes as the Kangaroo hide provides astonishing control and impressive first touch. The shoe responds very well to passes and offers useful feedback when shooting so that you may improve your technique a lot faster.

Can you use the turf shoes for other than soccer?

You can confidently use the turf shoes for other hard natural surfaces, including sand, dirt or short-grass fields. They’re efficient for running on natural and artificial surfaces. Some use them as a backup for the standard cleats. Having both turf shoes and cleats are going to give you better options in terms of footwear, especially when you don’t want to sacrifice traction over comfort and the other way around.