The Essentials on Travel Bags& Some Notes for Guiding you when Buying


Should you plan a travel, one of the very first things to address is which bag should you get. It may sound easy when you’re going for a hike, as the backpack is the best choice, but what bag works best when you’re going to the gym? Which travel bag fits your items for a weekend gateway or when enjoying the streets of a big city?

How to define a travel bag?

No matter the type, travel bags serve just one thing: they make traveling easy for you. There are plenty of colors, sizes, materials, and models to choose from, so it’s not a breeze to shop.

To these problems, we can only answer one way: scroll down to check the most important types of travel bags. Once you know the fundamentals, it may be easier for you to go shopping and traveling, of course.

What kind of travel bag works best for you?

If you’re the minimalist type of traveler, you probably get just one type of bag and take it with you no matter where you go and for how many days.

However, if you’re also aiming at efficiency, you will get more than just one type of travel bag. Without any further ado, here are the most important types :

  • Duffel bags

Duffel bags stand out with the cylindrical shape and the drawstring closing. You can carry it over your shoulder, and people working in the military and athletes were the first ones to use them a lot.

Duffel bags are a common choice as carrying on when traveling since they’re easy to carry around while providing enough space for your essentials for the weekend.

  • Travel totes

This large and unfastened bag comes with parallel handles coming out from the sides. Most of the time, it only has one compartment for the daily essentials, but it can also include smaller sections. You may very all pack all of your essentials in the small parts, which is why the travel tote works excellent as carrying on.

  • Weekender

The name is quite the tale teller, and the weekender is a travel bag that fits toiletries, clothing, and other travel essentials for a long weekend getaway. It has just the right size for a short trip and is reliable as a carry on for a more extended trip. Even if it used to be made mostly out of cloth and nylon, nowadays it can also be made of leather. It’s similar to the duffle bag, but it’s boxier and sturdier than its opponent.

  • Travel packs

If you’re a backpacker, you know that a travel pack is a way to go when going out for an adventure. Travel packs resemble the standard rucksack but provide you the possibility of hiding the shoulder straps, hip belts, and shoulder harness. They’re the best option when you don’t get to spend much time in a place, always moving to the next destination. They provide generous space for your essentials and are comfortable to travel with.

  • Rolling luggage

Rolling suitcases feature two wheels on the base, easing out your efforts when traveling in style. The first rolling suitcase made quite the impression back in the 70s, and never stopped being a popular choice ever since. They used to serve as carrying ons, but nowadays, they also work as checked luggage. The models with four wheels are a new hit, and quite fun to use since they “spin.”

  • Wheeled backpacks

The wheeled backpack is the ideal combo between a suitcase and a backpack. It’s the same size as a standard backpack, but it also includes four wheels at the bottom, easing out the transportation. Even if you cannot roll it everywhere, it’s sure nice to know that you can wheel it whenever you have the chance. As for space, the wheeled backpacks are something between a backpack and a suitcase, allowing you to carry plenty of things without tiring your back or arms too much.

Are all travel bags heavy?

Even if the materials and features can impact the weight of travel bags, some things are straightforward to notice:

  • Don’t worry much about the weight of your travel bag when you only go from the airport to the hotel, especially if it’s a wheeled type. Should your traveling involve a lot of lifting and carrying, you should get the lightest travel bag possible.
  • Travel bags with wheels will always be more massive than the bags without wheels. You should give it an excellent thought before packing. If you’re going to travel a lot over the rough surface and on trails, a wheeled bag is not the best choice. A travel pack or a duffel with no wheels will be more comfortable to carry, place into a tight space, or onto some roof racks.

Are all travel bags long-lasting?

Truth be told, it depends a lot where you’re going and how you travel, but nine times out of ten, your travel bag is going to take a beating. No matter how generous your budget is, you still don’t want to buy a travel bag very often, so you should be willing to pay the extra buck for durability. The rugged zippers, craftsmanship, and overall feel are some of the things to check when selecting your travel bag.

We know that it’s tricky to do it when shopping online, in which case going over the customer’s reviews come to the rescue. When you’re shopping in-store, you may easily wiggle the wheels and handles, play with the zippers and try the bag, but you can’t do any of those things when shopping online.

Here are some tips on the materials so that shopping for a travel bag goes smoother for you:

  • If you plan on cramming the pack into some tight space, it’s better that you buy a soft-sided travel bag. High-denier fabrics are long-lasting, and soft-sided bags are more flexible than hard-sided counterparts.
  • When you need to provide extra protection to the items inside, the hard-sided bags are the best option (suitcases, for instance). They’re made with impact-resistant, yet lightweight plastic. If your wallet is thick and doesn’t mind the extra weight, you can go with an aluminum suitcase instead.
  • Sometimes you may need a waterproof travel bag, in which case models made with high-denier ripstop fabric coated in thermoplastic urethane are the best choice for water resistance and durability. You may find entirely waterproof duffels, but be ready to open your wallet big.