Portable Soccer Goals Reviews

The dream of every soccer coach is the solid, durable and beautifully crafted soccer goal which will make the other coaches envy in their community and league. Whether you are a soccer coach or a soccer mom, possessing the right soccer portable goal which suits the players could surely make a massive difference between an average and a top coach.

Soccer goals are undoubtedly the major equipment which is the basic requirement of the soccer game, and the ability to shift them from one location to another comes as an extra ability. You can find a number of the best portable soccer goals in the market to add up to your soccer equipment and help your team reach the heights of glories. Portable soccer goals are so much fun; they are easy to shift to other locations and make it so much easy for you to carry out the game on any location you like. The only thing you need after that is a soccer ball, and your players are good to go.


Who can use these portable soccer goals?

They can be sue by almost everybody, an adult or a child, mainly meant for soccer coaches to train their teams for the game, anybody could in general buy these portable soccer goals and enjoy a good game with their friends and family. They are helpful in developing the abilities of children and youth alike in soccer and are often used by coaches all over the world to train their teams.


Best Portable Soccer Goals

Now the question arises, how do you know the best soccer goals? There are some portable soccer goals available in the market today and to choose the best one becomes a little confusing. It is almost impossible to check them all out for yourself, so we give you a comparison of the best portable soccer goals available in the market today. We have researched and looked into the feedbacks from various forums and users of the portable goals and then form a careful analysis of what are the best ones which are available in the market these days and are loved by top coaches all over the world. We have also checked on Amazon as well to see which are the top picks and most loved by the soccer coaches and soccer enthusiasts all over the world.

Our top picks are as follows:


The GOLME Portable Soccer goal

  • This portable soccer goal comes with a cute bag and is super easy to carry.
  • It is one portable goal which closely resembles the real goal.
  • It is knitted to perfection and is easy to assemble as well.
  • Additionally, it has all the ‘bits & bobs’ which and can be used on multiple surfaces.

The SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal-

  • This one is also very lightweight to carry and can be put in the ca easily.
  • It is available in 3 sizes; 6×4, 8×5, 12×6.

Bownet portable soccer goal

  • This portable goal is one of the finest out there, and remains in top shape even after a lot of games.
  • It can be assembled and dismantled quiet easily.
  • Unlike the previous portable soccer goals, the Bownet comes with an option that you can select from a relatively smaller size as well.
  • Which makes it ideal for smaller games as well.

The Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

  • This goal comes in 2 sizes, a small and big one, with the bigger one looking stunning in its full glory.
  • It is portable enough to be carried in public transport and is the choice for many coaches who use public transportation to get to the playfield.
  • But, this one is a little tricky while assembling and dismantling and require expert hands to deal with it.

So, these were our top picks, let us know what you think about them or anything else you would like to add to our list. We will be happy to hear your comments and suggestions.