7 Offline iOS Games to Try When You Get Bored

Offline iOS Games

Playing online games with your iOS devices is quite a thrill, most of the time. The adrenaline rush and the fantastic feeling are unique, especially when you’re playing with/against people that could be anywhere on this planet.

Are offline games a solution?

But you’re not always near your Wi-Fi, nor you want to use your data plan for some online gaming. You may be in a waiting room or flying intercontinental- for whatever the reasons, you’re offline (go figure!) and you want to take a time out playing. Whatever the scenario, offline iOS games can be the perfect solution for killing time.

However, the App Store doesn’t mention which games you can play offline, and you need to do your bits and bobs for finding out which are the best offline ios games.

Luckily for the iOS users, thanks to the iPhone app development courses on the Internet, pretty much every person on the planet wants to be an iPhone app developer. The increased number of developers leads to more and more games, so selecting free offline iOS games becomes somewhat tricky.

Without any further ado, here’s our top 7 for the best offline games for iOS. You don’t need an internet connection for playing; you only need to download them and find the time for living the game experience.

   1. Solitaire

soliter iOS Game

Some things never change, and so it’s the people’s interest in playing Solitaire. The strategic game did go through several phases over the years and the times when you used to play it only on your PC are all gone.

For those of you using the windows computers and playing Solitaire in the past, the free iOS version is going to be what you need when you’re away from the Internet.

Solitaire is also great for the first time users as it’s never-going-out-of style game. Solitaire has been through some changes and comes now with more exciting features, which explains its popularity among the iOS users.

The Solitaire iOS game gives you new challenges every day, and you need to win the challenge. When you’re not able to win, you may use the winning deal function or customize the game for keeping it still appealing. Needless to say, the more you win, the more you’re going to enjoy all the trophies and crowns.

You can play it alone, with your friends, or you can try the random programmed AI. To make it even more interesting, you may choose the theme as there are plenty to choose from (Spring, Christmas, Rainy Day, and many more).

   2. Knights of Pen&Paper 2

Knights of Pen&Paper 2 ios game

This game is one of the unique games on iOS. It’s a role-playing game that has elements and themes from the table-style role play. As it’s all based offline, you may practically play it no matter where you are on this planet.

The combat system is one of the many things that sets it apart from other offline games on iOS. It involves tabletop mechanics (it’s a generator of random number) that helps you identify the specific damage that your spells and attacks are going to cause. It literarily upgrades the tabletop theme as you have a game master and players sitting at a table. The journey is going to take place all over the world while fighting against various beasts and monsters.

You’re going to notice many elements from the standard role-playing games. You have an in-game economy so that you may buy armor and weaponry, but also crafting a system that lets you create your shield. On top of everything else, you can also put two pieces of armor together, obtaining a better model.

Anyone going to the retro, 8-bit style, role-playing game, and tabletop gameplay is going to find the game great.

   3. Crossy road

Crossy road ios game

When Knights of Pen& Paper 2 seems too complicated, or when you want to try something less challenging, you can give it a go with Crossy Road.

Have you ever played Frogger? If you did, you’re going to find Crossy Road quite straightforward to play. It’s the modern version for the Frogger as you’ll play an animal trying to go through traffic and obstacles so that it can get to the other side.

You start as a chicken, and you need to level up for being able to buy/unlock new animals.

The name says it all and resembles the well-known “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Crossy Road is like traveling back in time, but with a modern twist. You may play it offline and even increase the difficulty of the game with new challenges. Don’t hesitate to try the online version where you may become part of an online leaderboard.

   4. Fallout shelter

Fallout shelter ios game

Many gamers have been playing Fallout Shelter for years now, with iOS users being able to enjoy the mobile version nowadays.

Fallout Shelter involves many mechanics from various games, and the primary purpose is to build your Shelter. You also need to give the residents living in the Vault all kinds of roles.

You’re going to assign roles so that your Vault grows and expands. The game also has elements from The Sims, as your residents have to be happy and content. They have to have water, food, and entertainment as well. When they have it all, your Vault is going to flourish.

As your residents are working for you, you don’t cease expanding the Vault. It means you can buy more land, and create more rooms for your new residents. You have to create and share the places evenly so that everyone in the Vault is happy.

The Vault residents come with specific skills, and you may give them roles according to those skills. You want them to be efficient so that your Vault expands.

You may play it for free and offline, but you can buy several microtransactions (you may even have to pay around $100 for some!). You don’t need the micro-transactions for playing, but they help you advance through the game.

All in all, it’s a smooth offline game that iOS users fancy, with the Cloud engineering expanding the possibilities for playing.

   5. Evoland

Evoland ios game

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind role-playing game, Evoland is one of your best shots. It has nothing to do with the old-time story about good winning over evil, nor save the kingdom story. It’s a true story about good versus evil ending, but it’s the whole trip that makes it so unique.

The game is a playoff the word “evolution,” with the retro form and 8-bit display coming as selling points.

You begin the game as a little sprite in the world, and you continue with traveling around and discovering chests. The more you go, the more mechanics and graphics you can add to the world.

At first, you’re going to be surrounded by a limited world, and the chest around is going to offer new abilities. However, some chests level up the game with some new mechanics and effects.

At the end of the day, Evoland is like a course in video game history, providing you the chance to experience the first-hand games way back. It’s sure more attractive than reading about it in a book or trying out the old games from your older friends (the games may not even work on the new systems).

It’s cheap, and it’s great to play when game history is your thing.

   6. Minecraft- Pocket Edition

Minecraft- Pocket Edition

It’s beyond understanding if you’ve not heard of Minecraft until now. The game sold millions of copies so far, and you can play it free these days.

How creative are you? As the game is going to blow your mind with the possibilities! You may use all sorts of materials and blocks for creating spaceships, cities, roller coasters, statues, kingdoms, structures of movies, and so much more. You may think it’s much, but we’ve merely scratched the surface of the things you can create in Minecraft.

We should mention again that the only thing limiting the game is your imagination. The game involves role-playing functions, and you don’t just gather resources for surviving. You also have a crafting system to use for developing furniture, armor, and weapons for surviving. The Nether is where you want to get. However, you need to upgrade the weapons and armor for getting there.

The End is where you’re going to end the game, but it’s sure going to take you a lot to get there. Keep in mind that the game can take forever, so you should give it the personal touch you want.

   7. Monument Valley

Monument Valley ios game

Many like the unique art style of the game, which also includes plenty of characteristics from platformers. It’s a sophisticated game with escape room style puzzles that you need to figure out.

The puzzles don’t have the escape room vibe, but rather include a lot of geometry and perspective, which gives the complexity for the puzzle. You may find it easy at first, but it’s going to get more complicated as you progress in the game.

The story is also engaging with you being the higher power that guides a princess through the challenging environments and helping her get to the end of every puzzle.

Even if the story isn’t going to get your adrenaline going, the graphics and the sounds make the game pretty fun to play. It’s not very long either, but that’s not a bad thing when playing offline.

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