Natural Treatments While Dealing with Addiction-The Most Essential Info to Check before Checking to Rehab

Not all people are aware of it, but physical pain may cause mental anxiety, emotional distress, which sleep disorders.

Unlike traditional substance abuse treatment that concentrates on counseling, supportive services, and 12-step meetings, the natural remedies include complementary therapies that address the leading cause of addiction.

Do natural treatments work for anyone in rehab?

As the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports, addiction may impact the respiratory, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems. In the worst cases, substance addiction can also lead to death.

Addiction is, in fact, a disease that will impact the brain. It’s not only causing physical issues but also mental problems such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder. As a matter of fact, many people deal with mental health problems and addiction at the same time.

What’s different for the natural treatments of addiction is that they address emotional, physical, and spiritual problems related to addiction simultaneously.

More often than not, natural treatments can:

  • Reduce tension
  • Alleviate pain
  • Ensure self-care
  • Lower stress, insomnia, and depression

The American Holistic Health Association states that holistic medicine is teaching the patients about how they can recover on their own. Anyone dealing with addiction can find out about the ways to protect their health on several levels through the holistic approach.

Do natural treatments work?

One thing that cannot be denied is that the holistic treatments help while in rehab, together with the traditional therapies and support groups. The natural remedies do give the addicts more tools to manage their recovery while in rehab.

A study from 2013 revealed that holistic treatments are efficient when treating smoking addiction. Fourteen clinical trials showed that yoga and therapies based on meditation help while trying to give up on smoking.

The International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health revealed in 2009 a study that proved that natural treatments could work when dealing with chronic illnesses.

All in all, it seems that more than 30% of American adults and even 12% of children have turned to natural treatments one way or another.

Deep-breathing exercises, meditation (yoga), and natural products are the most common natural treatments that people use for many health problems, addiction included.

What are the most common natural treatments?

The natural treatments will address all aspects of one’s well-being. Addiction is just one of the many health problems that holistic therapies manage to solve.

Let’s give the most popular treatments a quick look:


Yoga is one of the most popular natural therapies used while in rehab. It utilizes breathing modulations, meditation, and body postured for healing one’s mental, spiritual, and physical health. The activity in yoga improves neurotransmitters in the brain, reducing anxiety and stress.


It’s able to cure post-traumatic stress disorder and various mental illnesses since it provides impressive psychological effects. Some see it as medicine, whereas others perceive it as a drug

Any veteran trying Ayahuasca will tell you about its impact and ability to bring relief when coming back from combat. The Ayahuasca actually cleanses one’s system as it purges it on and on until one is perfectly clean.

Thanks to its spiritual effects, the Ayahuasca became a popular choice when treating mental illness and addiction.

How does Ayahuasca work?

Unfortunately, nobody can say for sure how it works. John Tabaie tells us a lot about Ayahuasca at https://www.theholisticsanctuary.com/category/ayahuasca-treatment.  You can find out about how Ayahuasca can eliminate all negative energies within you, showing you the life you can have with no negative powers.

You will spend some time in a holistic drug retreat center for reconnecting to yourself, to God, and to nature. Eventually, you will feel the peace and tranquility within you, while your body adjusts to nature’s flow.

To heal from the causes of your addiction or mental illnesses, you need to drink the medicinal plants and participate in the Ayahuasca ceremony. A leader will guide for achieving overall health, pointing you to the peace within the body and mind.

Bathing in plant baths or vapor baths is also part of the Ayahuasca treatment. Counseling and massage, topical/internal natural remedies, and purgatives are also included.

A shaman leads the Ayahuasca ceremonies, but there are ER doctors, medical assistants, and nurses ready to solve any sudden health problem.


Meditation is a technique concentrated on relaxing your body and mind. It seems that it’s able to reduce depression, anxiety, poor sleep, and even pain. They are all common symptoms when dealing with addiction.


Running, playing sports, and even weightlifting are physical activities that help with reducing stress or improving self-esteem. They make one feel better, and several treatment centers provided recreational exercise activities such as volleyball or basketball.


Acupuncture is an ancient method that consists of inserting needles into particular points in the body for addressing different health issues or relieving pain. For those in the rehab, acupuncture can reduce anxiety, irritability, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms.

Nutrition therapy

Having a healthy diet will help people deal with addiction. When you’re eating healthy and stay, hydrated will give your mind and body the energy they need for a fast recovery. It’s common for treatment centers to include healthy diets, snacks, and well-balanced meals as part of natural treatments.

Art therapy

Painting, drawing, and modeling are all art therapies that help one express himself. People find it easier to manage behavior, deal with emotional conflict, become more self-aware, and improve their social skills throughout art therapies. They also reduce anxiety and improve self-esteem.


It’s beyond a doubt that religion and spirituality may help one deal with addiction. Thanks to prayer, people become more aware and able to connect to a higher power. Prayer can also reduce stress, but also the feeling of emptiness while offering a sense of optimism.

Tai chi, massage therapy, music therapy, Pilates, and natural-therapy are also seen as integrative methods. Acupuncture, meditation, and neurofeedback do increase the rate of success for anyone in rehab.


The method utilizes aromatic essences that are extracted from plants naturally, improving your body, spirit, and mind. It uses different essential oils for relaxation and reducing stress.