How to Choose Ark Server Hosting

Ark Server Hosting

Selecting an ARK server hosting that matches your gaming needs isn’t impossible, but you may need some patience and time for doing it right. The selection process isn’t easy on the cause of the diversity of options, which may be overwhelming for someone new in ARK video games.

Every player has his requirements so you should always take the friend suggestions with a grain of salt. Customer support, number of slots, control panel, and location are fundamental aspects to consider when selecting the ARK server hosting, so scroll down for all the details.

Why does the ARK server hosting matter?

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An entry level player should know that the moment you decide to play with your ARK friends is the moment you should upgrade the whole experience.

A PC with decent technical specs is going to allow you consistent performance; you also need to pay attention to the restrictions that keep the players within a specific distance of one another.  Your friends are going to be able to play when you’re also in the game. That’s in the case of the non-dedicated server.

If you’re choosing a dedicated server on your machine and play on the same computer (or another PC you have in the house), you may experience poor performance and even damage the gameplay. The last thing you want during a PvP ARK is to have to offer some advantage to another tribe on the cause of lagging.

Are you thinking about running the ARK server on your PC? You should check to see if the computer has the RAM or the CPU for taking it. You also need to pay attention to how you’re handling the port forwarding and .bat files. You also have to let the computer on so that the server runs when you’re friends want to join, but you’re not around.

Should you go with multiplayer ARK gaming, take a look at the shared server hosting as it’s trendy. You’re going to rent a lot of space on a shared server, and it’s pretty affordable as well. Setting it up is a breeze, and you’re going to get the best out of the high performant network. However, you should always look into all the options as you want to choose the best solution for you and your gaming needs.

If you’re going to need more than standard 200 player slots, you may need impressive flexibility. You can create your very own server from zero, or you can monetize your server. You can also rent a VPS or a dedicated game server.  Even if you’re going to obtain so many resources, you may lose on the customer support side.

Which ARK platform do you use?

You may play ARK on multiple platforms, and Xbox, PC, and PS4 are only some of them. It’s essential that you select a provider that ensures hosting for the platform you’re playing ARK on. You cannot play ARK on Xbox on a server hosting that is dedicated for PlayStation 4.

You can, however, cross play ARK that is designed for Windows UWP on Xbox, but the two have to be cross-play enabled.

Is it a global location or local?

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Many companies have their servers places in various locations. Typically, a hosting provides is displaying the locations of the servers on the website. It’s better that you select a hosting provider that has servers in your city/area/state. It’s ideal for the company not to have any downtime or at least minimal.

More often than not, you’re going to play with friends from other countries. In this case, you should look for a server that is centrally located, which is going to ensure minor holdups. It’s common for respected hosting companies to let its customers switch locations whenever they need to. If you’re planning to change the player base a lot, it’s always a good thing.

Are you going to need a standard or customized control panel?

The control panel has several benefits, as it allows you to back-up your data, set the configuration files. It can also enable install mods or admin cheats. When you’re using a customized ARK control panel, you’re going to be able to do all of these things fast and easy every time.

How many slots do you need?

You may choose more than a couple of slots, but don’t forget that the selected number of slots for your ARK server is going to affect the number of people able to join. Don’t forget that you’re also going to pay more when there is a higher number of slots. Stay on the safe side and go with a server that matches your needs the best way possible.

If you’re only planning to play for fun, a server hosting for ten slots is going to be a solid choice nine times out of ten. Remember that even a basic ARK server package is going to include at least 30 slots.

By the contrary, when your server is going to benefit a broader community, you should look for at least 20 slots for the server.

Are you interested in branding?

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There are hosting companies that provide attractive prices to use branding, and their services are quite affordable. They’re going to include the company’s name at the beginning of your server name. They may also include a subtle message that pops out and now and then during the game.

Would you like automatic manual updates?

Ideally, you’d want your ARK server hosting to provide updates automatically. Some hosts do come with checkbox in the control panel so that you can choose the built-in automatic update.

Just remember that some mods can lead to server breaking as the new versions of gaming don’t support them.

What about latency?

The time that the data needs for getting from your network to the game server’s system are also known as latency. The location and the quality of your network are fundamental to the level of latency.

Keep in mind that you should look for a server that has no lad at all. That is if you want high performance during the game.

One last recommendation

You should start with doing your homework, sort to speak, when selecting your ARK server hosting. Go online, read about the options, check the reviews, and find out from your friends who are the most reliable options. Even if the price shouldn’t seal the deal, it’s better that you look into all sorts of costs before making the final choice. Let’s not forget that you DO care about your ARK performance!


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