Four Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2017

Outdoor basketball shoes demand a unique set of features to be present in them. These are very different from the indoor basketball shoes available in the market. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive list of the best streetball shoes, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Here is a list of the four best outdoor basketball shoes 2017.


Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive


This has to be the top choice for outdoor basketball players this year. It offers the perfect balance of traction and rigidity, along with a solid and consistent performance on all kinds of terrains. These shoes come with superior quality cushioning, that keeps your feet feeling comfortable when you play.

The shoe provides just the right amount of stability that you need to adjust to various court surfaces. It helps you up your game, by letting you jump higher and run faster. The materials used for this pair of Adidas outdoor basketball shoes are super soft and stretchy, without a hint of heavy plastic overlays.


Nike Lebron Soldier 10


Named after one of the greatest players of the game, Nike’s Lebron Soldier 10 is popular among both indoor and outdoor basketball players. The shoes strike a perfect balance between durability and comfort, without compromising on either.

The cushioning of this pair is ideal for heavier players, and it comes equipped with an awesome and secure strap in system. This makes it an extremely supportive shoe, with a great locked in and snug fit.

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Nike Kobe Mentality II


The traction in this pair is probably the best out of all the others listed in the list. It has a solid performance record and its unique blend of directional and herringbone patterns helps you stick to the ground like no other shoe can. The Mentality II shoes also come at a good price point, which makes it more affordable than other high end brands available in the market.

The fit is quite good, with a snug feel and good cushioning, making it the best Kobe outdoor shoes available in the market today. It has a great midsole that can mold to your foot and provide proper support for outdoor ballers, tackling uneven surfaces and rough play.


Under Armour ClutchFit Drive II

This has to be one of the best outdoor basketball shoes available in the market today. Apart from needing a little improvement in the ventilation, this shoe is unbeatable in every other area. It comes with a spectacular multi-directional herringbone pattern, giving you the advantage of better grip on difficult cuts. The ClutchFit comes with a superior cushioning called “Charged Foam”. It has been developed by Under Armour, and provides the most responsive guards possible.

You can play for hours without having your feet feel tired. The materials used for the ClutchFit shoes are durable and help your shoes last longer in an outdoor basketball court. The shoes fit like a glove, and offer the best support. It comes with upgraded heel cups and tough overlays, making it one of the best streetball shoes you can ask for.