DreamHost vs Bluehost Comparison

When you’re out there looking for a web host, your budget, your needs for the website or the traffic you’re expecting (or hoping) to have are only some of the many things to take into consideration.

It’s difficult to say which web host is the best as the needs are so various. What works for you at the time being may not work in a couple of years- simply because your needs may change.

The more you know about the most popular and experienced web hosts out there, the easier is going to be for you to decide which web hosts satisfies your needs and budget the best way.

Who are DreamHost and Bluehost?

DreamHost vs Bluehost comparisons

Both web hosts were founded in 1996, so they sure present a lot of experience within the web hosting services. Cloud storage and cloud computing are only some of the other services that DreamHost provides, apart from web hosting.

If you want your web host to be dedicated exclusively to web hosting, you should go with Bluehost.

Taking a look at the two side by side is going to require us to compare the features, the performance, and customer support.

What’s the speed and uptime like?

Even if Bluehost doesn’t provide uptime guarantee, it does offer a specific uptime percentage of 99.9%. Therefore, you do get impressive availability when using Bluehost.

Don’t close the deal just yet as DreamHost promise you a 100% uptime guarantee. In all fairness, the real uptime resembles the one provided by Bluehost a lot.

A page is going to load fast with both web hosts, with DreamHost using SSDs that increase the page speeds, especially when compared to SATA disk drives.

Are the performances different?

DreamHost vs Bluehost performances

It may look like a tie on this one as both web hosts do offer excellent performance for a website. Let’s not forget that both have been dependable for more a decade now.

As it uses CPU segregation technology (that lets you control the CPU and keep the viruses the spammers away from your site), Bluehost may take the lead, without making Dreamhost less dependable in any way.

What’s the customer support like?

When you’re searching high and low for a web host, customer support is one of the aspects you should never undermine, especially if you know nothing about web hosting. Any respected web hosting company is going to provide customer support 24/7/365 so make sure you check it.

Both web hosts are supporting their customers via email, live chat or phone. You may find the online forums about different hosting plans, common issues or other web hosting matters problems helpful too.

You can scroll the web hosting manual that DreamHost provides for its customer. The manual is loaded with how-to articles, tips and tricks, troubleshooting guides and so on.

On the other hand, Bluehost lets you get a ticker for communicating with people from customer support. Either way, a live chat or a telephone is always faster and more effective ways to solve a problem.

Is the control panel easy to use in both cases?

DreamHost vs Bluehost cpanel

You’re going to find the standard cPanel from Bluehost easy to use. If it’s not the first time you’re using a web host, you’re going to find the control panel extremely user-friendly. It’s a flexible panel that even new beginners are capable of handling. It allows easy management and transfer of the files, but also installing programs or creating a database.

By contrary, Dreamhost provides its very own control panel which many may find tricky to understand in the beginning.

Both control panels ensure convenient FTP access for file transfer, endless MySQL database, easy installation of WordPress and so on.

Can you get your money back when things don’t work out for you?

Money back guarantee for 30 days is pretty standard, and Bluehost makes no exception. However, it loses on this one as DreamHost provides a 97 guarantee. Therefore, you’re going to get your money back after the first 97 days- but you’re not getting back the money paid for the domain registration.

What about the hosting plan features?

DreamHost vs Bluehost host

There’s a lot to talk about the hosting plans that both web hosts provide and here’s a closer look at the most important aspects:

  • Backups

You’re not going to pay any additional costs for the automatic backup services in the case of Bluehost. The situation is different with Dreamhost which ensures automatic backup exclusively for the WordPress hosting plan. You may run the manual backup from the control panel when going with a different plan with DreamHost.

  • Domain name

You can get claim the free domain name for both Bluehost and DreamHost. In the case of a shared hosting plan with DreamHost, you can also obtain free domain privacy protection.

  • Migration

Should you already have a website and are interested in moving to a new account, Bluehost has an impressive migration service. The entire process is going to cost you $99.99. There are no services of this type in the case of DreamHost.

Which one is cheaper?

DreamHost vs Bluehost price

For a three-year subscription, you don’t need to pay more $2.95 per month for a starter shared hosting plan with Bluehost. You’re going to have to pay $8.95 for a shared hosting plan with DreamHost (it’s a subscription for only two years).

Hold your horses though as DreamHost offers all the advanced features for the shared hosting in just one plan, whereas Bluehost is going to give you similar plans for more money.

You may not have the same flexibility with Bluehost, especially in the case of short term plans. DreamHost doesn’t accept Paypal though, so you do need to take your time when deciding.

Do we have a winner or not?

All in all, it seems that BlueHost may present a subtle advantage over DreamHost. You may like BlueHost for the flexible and easy to use control panel, the automatic backups, the migration services or the shared hosting plans.

You may just as well go with DreamHost for the increased flexibility, the domain name privacy protection or the long money back guarantee period.

It’s your hosting requirements that is the most crucial aspect to consider when choosing a web host and not our take when comparing the two.


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