Best Tech Magazines

Best Tech Magazines

When you eat, sleep, and live technology 24/7/365 (give or take), a tech magazine is just one of the things that help you learn more about your passion.

A tech magazine is still able to provide relevant information about the latest technology, offering all the details that only a true-tech-passioned consumer would appreciate.

Even though the variety is impressive, only some of them managed to stay on top, raising the bar high. Selecting just one tech magazine isn’t fair nor accessible, even for the professionals as the top tech magazines are continuously improving the content.

Our selection doesn’t rank the tech magazines, but only gives you a brief description of the most famous names within the category as it’s up to you to decide which one “speaks your language” the best way, becoming your no.1.

Without any further ado, here are the names that still stand out in the tech magazine business.

  • Wired

Wired magazine has been in town since 1993, and has always been one of the top tech magazines all over the world. It’s not only technology that the magazine talks about, but also lifestyle, business, and even thought leadership.

There are multiple international version for Wired, even if the magazine originates in the United States. It’s a monthly magazine that tech fans are continually collecting. The format is highly visual and has vibrant colors, attracting readers of all sorts of backgrounds.

Wired isn’t about how to upgrade your PC, but about science, business, online culture, and innovative new gadgets. You can read it as Print or on your iPad.

  • Technology Review

Technology Review

The bimonthly magazine has been out there ever since the end of the 1800s (how about that!). The Massachusetts Institute of Technology owns and publishes the Technology Review, which is by far one of the most extended tech magazines “survivors”. The people working for the magazine have never stopped to make the magazine stay on top, over and over again, for so many years.

In the 90s, the magazine got a fresh vibe and began providing the best of MIT work and information the technological world. It’s why you can never wrong with Technology Review.

  • The Linux Journal

Computer fans go for Linux and open source software, which is why Linux Journal is such a popular choice amongst the computer geeks.

The magazine provides helpful scripts and various tricks for Linux system administrators. There are projects on embedded Linux, network, programming, and gaming covered by the magazine.

The Linux Journal has a specific theme for every month, with desktop, mobile, cool projects, security, and sysadmin as some of the most popular choices.

The magazine is an excellent source for any Linux user/hobbyist, and you can take a look at the previous issues for free through the online archives that the magazine provides. It has a Print and PDF version.

  • 2600

The magazine hit the market in the 80s and has been a regular appearance ever since. The magazine provides new information about underground computer subjects that relate to privacy matters and computer security.

What makes the magazine even more attractive is the fact that the readers are providing most of the articles. The editors select the best content for every quarterly edition. Anyone can submit various reports that can be included in an issue later on. The magazine comes both on Kindle and Print.

  • Maximum PC

Maximum PC

Maximum PC is another top-selling tech magazines out there. It’s created for computer enthusiasts, and its content addresses the advanced users. It’s not for the entry-level users.

The magazine provides highly objective hardware reviews, ensuring guidance on tweaking tips, projects, and overclocking. If you’re searching for articles on business IT tops,  Maximum PC isn’t your best shot as the magazine is another level.

If you describe yourself as a computer geek and you’re determined to get all the latest info about development in software and hardware, Maximum PC is going to be the perfect magazine for that. You can always take a look at the previous issues of Maximum PC in PRF format from the online archive (it’s free).

It’s a monthly magazine that comes printed and in PDF.

  • PC World

The magazine is instead a computer technology magazine, but it’s one of the best tech magazines at the moment. The magazine provides information about computers, but also about the newest cameras, TVs, mp3 players and all sorts of gadgets. The magazine has been released back in 1983 and has stayed on top for years now. You can subscribe for iPad, Kindle, and Android, but the magazine comes in PDF version too.

  • Discover Magazine

The magazine is a popular tech option that addresses the everyday reader. It’s not only for the people staying connected to science and tech news at all time. It’s an attractive option for any science buff, and any reader is going to be able to read it.

Even if the magazine has been through some changes in ownership over the years, the principle of high standards has never been left out of sight. Subscriptions are available for the eight issues per year.

  • CHIP

CHIP is a Germany based tech magazine that issues every month. It’s prevalent in Europe and Asia. It’s a top-leading magazine that covers almost everything there is to know when it comes to software, hardware, and peripherals. There are more than four hundred thousand copies sold (the average), which makes it into one of the largest sellers within its category. The online version is available for some years also, and it’s just as popular as the printed version. If you’re determined to find out everything about gadgets and computers, CHIP is always a great option.

  • Computer Power User

Computer Power User

Also known as CPU (Computer Power User) is one of the most popular tech magazines nowadays. It’s rather new (it hit the market at the beginning of 2000). It’s a fantastic option for regular science frenzies and computer fans. Unlike other competitors that tried their best to make the content accessible to all readers, CPU still addresses to the seasoned science buff. The majority of the content is about computer hardware, with the editorial content impressive every time.

You can read the magazine from your iPad, iPhone, and Android gadgets.

  • American Scientist

The American Scientist addresses to the engineers and scientists, covering topics that relate to science and tech in various areas of science. The magazine is ruled by high standards, which you’re not going to find in any other magazine.

The magazine has never shifted from its primary target audience for a century, but it’s one of the main reasons for which it’s still on top.

The online version was launched in 2003, impressing online readers as well.

  • Science News

The magazine comes out twice a week. It’s based in the US and covers the latest scientific developments. Some of the sections are covering scientific journals.

It’s another old-time tradition magazine (it was founded in 1922) and has been focusing on latest discovering in both technology and science.

For years, the magazine was published weekly, but it became a bi-weekly magazine in 2008. The Society for Science and the Public is the non-profit organization that runs the magazine.

  • Popular Mechanics

The American tech magazine has been released in the begin of 1900 (it’s that old!) and it’s a popular tech magazine for centuries now. It provides nine different international editions. It provides information on science, tech, automobiles, and various lifestyle topics. It’s a monthly magazine that offers contents from many writers. It’s an all-around science magazine and quite the acquisition for the geek frenzies out there.

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