Best Soccer Cealts in 2019

No matter your skills level when playing soccer, your soccer cleats are essential for improving your game. Good soccer cleats are going to provide optimal traction, no matter the surface you’re playing on. There are various types of soccer cleats so you do need to do due diligence in order to find out which fit the best your needs.

General info about soccer cleats, that you need to know before purchasing.

What counts when buying soccer cleats?

One of the most popular sports out there, soccer is a great game and you can play it at any age, no matter if you’re an amateur or a professional player. The right pair of soccer cleats is going to help you get the most out of your game, but you cannot just go and buy the very first pair of cleats that you run into.

Your style of play, the position and the type of surface are only some of the most important aspects to consider when buying. The sole build and material also count.

There are several types of cleats that fit best different aspects of soccer. The ability to control power and to be fast on field matter, but your position on field also does as it’s not speed that you need the most at time.

Ground type and soccer cleats

some studs are made to cut into the ground, ensuring better traction in the specified conditions. As many players choose the artificial pitches nowadays, the AG (artificial ground) cleats make the best choice for that kind of surface.

You may also use the FG soccer cleats on artificial grounds, but you cannot go the other way around. AG cleats cannot handle the firm ground natural surfaces.

The HG (hard ground) cleats are the no.1 choice for the players that take the soccer game on dry and hard surfaces. They typically come with conical studs that are going to ensure an efficient balance and control. You may use them on firm ground pitches as well.

What about materials?

There is an impressive range of materials that are used for making soccer cleats. K-leather and synthetic materials make the most popular choices.

Every type of material comes with its pros and cons and it’s all a personal matter at the end of the day.

For instance, K-leather is one popular material, especially in the high-end soccer cleats area, but you do have to pay the extra buck for it. As it molds to your foot, impressing with the comfort and the long lifespan, K-leather is always an investment for the long run.

Natural leather (goat or calfskin) is another option and it’s both comfortable and durable. On the other hand, it rather sits on the heavy side and they’re not quite affordable either.

Synthetic leather is winning more and more fans as we speak and famous brands (Nike, Adidas) are using it for making the high-end performance shoes that we all know about. Even if they don’t give the same natural and soft touch of the genuine leather, the technology compensates rather well.

Mesh materials and synthetic are also materials used for the soccer cleats. Light, thin and really affordable, they’re quite popular among the new soccer players. They’re highly breathable and long lasting, which explains their popularity.

Another new and reliable material is knit which ensures a great feel and amazing control over the ball.

How should the sole be?

The sole of your soccer cleats has to ensure stability and to improve your performance on the field. The design and the structure of the studs play a big part in your shoes efficiency. The way they’re configured on the sole plate also matters.

The configuration of the studs is different for different positions as some are going to help you with the explosive runs, whereas some sustain a firm traction, helping you to plant the foot nice and easy, clearing the ball from the lines.

What should a midfielder look for on the soccer cleats?

As a midfielder, you may be an attacking one or a center midfielder, so you’re going to need different types of cleats for each of the positions.

An attacking midfield player is going to need cleats that help with the creativity, as this soccer player is the one that creates the opportunities for scoring the goal. He also has to be able for defense or for goal scoring. He/she has to have amazing ball control, needing soccer cleats that provide best touch and feel and amazing traction too.

The center midfielder needs soccer cleats that give him/her speed, good touch and impressive traction. The cleat has to be comfortable too.

What kind of soccer cleats do defenders need?

No matter the side, the defenders are fundamental for any soccer team. It’s a difficult position that is rather underrated at times.

The defenders need to get down the field, making sure that the ball reaches to the attacking players and creating them situations to score. They make a great team with the midfielders and they’re the playmakers of the game.

They need soccer cleats that provide consistency and all-around performance.

Touch and feel are also important as defenders are going to move fast on the field, needing a good control over the ball and precision too. They have to speed up and down the field, helping the forwards to score and trying the defend the goal at the other end. Amazing traction is fundamental for the soccer cleats.

The defenders also need explosive push-offs and firm stances, without sacrificing the weight.

What’s the best type of soccer cleats for forwards?

The forward is the one that scores the goals and has to be fast and creative at the same time. He/she has to make tactical plays, speedy runs, and accurate passes or strong shots at goal. An astonishing touch is what counts the most for the soccer cleats.

A forward has to be able to control the ball and to have power too. He/she has to be capable to make the important shot. Striking the ball with amazing force is fundamental for scoring goals.

The style also matters as the boot hast to give a sense of foreboding in the opponents, keeping them at bay.

One last tip before you go shopping

You should also get the soccer cleats that fit your position, style and budget. The options are plenty so you cannot complain about not being able to find some that check all the boxes. A good pair of soccer cleats isn’t going to make you the best out there, but it’s sure going to count especially when they’re the wrong choice.

TOP 5 Best Soccer Cleats on the market

Made of man-made material, the DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes are an affordable option, but don’t disappoint in terms of performance either.

The soccer cleats come with synthetic sole and have a comfortable design. They’re lightweight and the cushioned insole increases your comfort. The collar is also padded, increasing the support and giving a good feel. The fold-over tongue it going to maintain the laces secure in place and flat, providing a clean striking surface.



The strong grip outsole improves the traction and allows easy movement on the field. The upper design is both supple and breathable, for better feel on the field.

The Premium DP combination upper is going to help you feel better, but it also expands their durability. The rubber molded cleats with Rotation Traction configuration is going to provide a good traction on both soft and damp field.

The soccer cleats come in various color combinations. They give no blisters and the laces are long, for better fit.

Here’s what we like the most about them:

  • They have synthetic sole and a comfortable design
  • The collar is padded and the fold over tongue keeps laces in place
  • The outsole gives a good grip and the traction is nice on damp and dry field
  • They’re lightweight and don’t give blisters

We’re not worried about the minor issues:

  • Some think that they run a bit large
  • They may not pass the durability test

However, as they’re comfortable, reliable and affordable, the soccer cleats make a solid choice for many that go shopping on a thin wallet.

Being 100% synthetic, the Adidas Men’s Messi 16.3 Fg Soccer Shoes come with a rubber sole. The shaft is Low-Top from arch.

The touch skin upper is going to mold just fine to your foot, helping with the accommodation. The soccer cleats are going to break in nice and easy really fast.

The mono-tongue construction is going to provide a snug-fit and give you an explosive agility on the turf surface. Due to their build, no turf material is going to get inside the cleats either.



Comfortable, the soccer cleats provide amazing agility and speed on firm ground (dry natural grass) and the Messi FG stud alignment is highly efficient.

The laces are nice and ensure a great feel on the ball. The soccer cleats come in nice color combinations and help you make a statement when out there on the field. The price isn’t bad at all either.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • They ensure a nice and tight fit
  • They break in fast
  • The upper molds fine to the foot
  • The mono-tongue construction ensures explosive agility

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • Some think that they run a bit on the narrow side
  • The laces could be better

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Designed to provide the touch and feel to control the ball with accuracy, the Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Messi 17.3 FG Soccer Shoe, Core Black/Solar Red/Tactile Gold make the perfect option that helps you send the ball right into the cornet of the net.

Lightweight and synthetic, the soccer cleats help you control the ball and give you agility on the field. The mesh upper makes them breathable and supportive at the same time, but they don’t compromise on durability either. They come with a dual lock collar that provides amazing lockdown and keeps your foot nice and secure in the shoe. The ankle stability is good, reducing the risk for later injury.



The insole has synthetic and textile lining, keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the whole game. The EVA insole foot bed is well padded and built for amazing support.

The outsole was designed to fit Messi’s style of play: fast and aggressive. The outsole is lightweight, but manages to give nice control. The studs recommend the cleats for firm ground, providing amazing grip. The stud configuration lets you try the explosive push-offs and change direction, planting your foot nice and firm for scoring a goal.

The soccer cleats are going to mold to the shape of your foot and are ready to wear right of the box. They may not require break-in time and they ensure great control and agility.

Here’s what we like the most about them:

  • They mold to the shape of the foot
  • They ensure amazing agility and great control
  • They’re breathable and keep you dry
  • The grip is great and they help you for explosive push-offs and change direction

Don’t make a fuss out of the minor flaws:

  • Some would like them to run wider
  • One may find them to fit better without the laces

All things considered, for the amazing fit, incredible performance and reliability, the soccer cleats are always a wise investment to make for soccer.

Popular for designing amazing sporting shoes for decades, Adidas gave us back in 1970 the Copa Mundial soccer shoe which took the soccer world to a whole new level. Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe is made from K-leather and has synthetic lining, which explains both the support and the comfort.

The soccer cleats provide nice support at the heel and take the use for a good amount of time. The K-Leather is going to mold to your foot and the amazing touch and feel sustain great control over the ball. The synthetic lining is quick-drying so your feet remain dry and cool until the end of the game. The tongue is long and you may wear it in various ways, just the way you want it.



The soccer cleats come with Die-Cut EVA insole which is lightweight and comfortable. The outsole has dual density which improves your traction on firm surfaces. The fit is great and the soccer cleats feel really comfortable.

You don’t need to break them in and the cleats mold amazing to your foot right from the very beginning. However, it’s wiser that you look a half-size down from the normal sizing when choosing.

The laces are long so you can tie the shoe exactly how you need it. The soccer cleats are a great option for wide feet as the K-leather is going to stretch in no time.

Here’s our list of pros:

  • They’re made with K-leather so they’re comfortable and durable
  • The insole is comfortable and lightweight
  • The outsole ensures good traction
  • The fit is amazing and the durability doesn’t disappoint

We’re not making a fuss out of the minor issues:

  • They’re a bit large in the toe area
  • One with high arches may not find it amazingly comfortable

Regardless of the minor problems, as they’re comfortable, long lasting and dependable, the soccer cleats are always money well spent.

Selecting one model from Nike is never easy and this time we’re going to go with NIKE Mercurial Vapor X CR7 FG Cleats.

The soccer cleats are going to step up your performance on the pitch and help you excel when out there. They’re designed and made with innovative technology that recommends them for all sort of conditions.

The soccer cleats are going to give you what you need for the explosive take-offs, tight turns and cuts as well.

The upper part of the soccer cleats is made so that they ensure astonishing support and incredible control over the ball. The touch and speed are memorable, helping you to beat the opponent defenders. The Speed Control textured uppers give both friction and molded fit, therefore the cleats become highly responsive and capable to give amazing touch.



The build doesn’t disappoint and the soccer cleats present amazing lockdown which is going to lower the risk for the foot to move inside the cleats. We also need to mention the All Conditions Control (ACC) technology which is going turn the soccer cleats into shoes that perform amazing on both dry and wet conditions.

The insole is well padded which is great for shock absorption. The soft heel increases your comfort too.

Speed and agility are fundamental for a soccer player and the Vapor IX come with twin studs at the rear of the shoe which ensures a quick release from the surface. The design of the stud is in fact asymmetric, giving the possibility to make explosive push-offs. The blades are going to help you change direction or pivot really fast, without losing your stability for one second.

As for the lightweight plate on the outsole of the shoe, we need to highlight that is made from glass fiber, which gives the high flexibility and sustains astonishing energy return. The cleats are going to give you that extra boost, whenever you may need it.

The soccer cleats fit tight and snug and they’re highly responsive, offering you the soft touch you need for controlling the ball accurately.

Let’s list our favorite parts about the soccer cleats:

  • They’re lightweight and amazingly comfortable
  • They go great in all sorts of conditions and weather
  • They ensure soft touch for accurate control over the ball
  • They’re made for the long run

Even if the downsides aren’t major, it’s only fair that we list them too:

  • Some think that they run a tad small
  • They’re not very cheap

Bells and whistles aside, we like the soccer cleats for the amazing comfort, traction, versatility and great precision when controlling the ball. The price may throw off some of you out there, but why not pay the extra buck for a great quality pair of soccer cleats?