Best 7 Offline Steam Games

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If you’re into PC games, you know that you cannot be connected all the time. Have you ever tried playing offline? Is it possible to play offline Steam games? To these questions and many more we’re answering down below, so keep scrolling.

Why would anyone play offline Steam games?

Offline Mode allows you play Steam games without connecting to the Steam Network each time you play. It’s an amazing option to have when you don’t play over the Internet.

What do you have to do before playing offline?

Keep in mind that you need to connect to the Steam Network and give every game a test before using it in the Offline Mode. You should do it at least once, if only for setting up your account and making the configurations for the Offline Mode on your machines.

The information that is needed for the offline mode may be lost when you’re making Steam to close and not exit it the right way. You should always close Steam manually before you shut the computer down. You have to do it when the battery goes out too, especially if you plan to play offline for a longer time.

When you lose the data for the offline mode, you’re not going to be able to start Steam unless you have an internet connection. Should the situation happen over and over again, the chance is that some programs alter Steam’s functionality.

There have been many Window game releases in the last couple of years. When  Windows games are your thing, chances are that you play single-player offline games.

Let’s take a look at the best seven offline steam games that can help you have a great time even when you’re not online.

   1. Civilization VI (suggested)

Civilization VI

It’s a strategy game that has a turn-base, with its players developing a colossal empire. Civilization VI is part of the Firaxis Games, and many think it’s one of the best options within the Civ games category.

The features are many, turning the game into one of the most featured to the franchise nowadays. You may play it on Mac OS X platforms, Windows 7/8.1/10 for around $60. For $80 you can try the Digital Deluxe Edition, with several additions to the scenario pack.

New features and rebuilt game engine make the game stand out. The new city-building system is the most significant accomplishment, allowing users to create a building in different kinds of outer districts.

You’re going to notice the changed tech tree that is included in the geographical terrain of one’s nation, which increases the depth of the gameplay.

The wide range of gameplay systems gives to the fantastic gameplay diversity. The 2018 version is even more dynamic since there are several layers to the game.

   2. Prey


The game is a single-player type and has a futuristic theme. The first-person shooter is placed on a space station that revolves around the moon in 2032. It’s similar with BioShock in space, due to the Art Deco space station from Talos 1.

You can buy it for $40 (give or take) and run it on 64-bit Windows 10/8.7/ platforms. Your PC should have at least eight GB RAM, Intel 15-2400/AMD FX-8320 processor, and a 20GB hard disk.

Morgan Yu is the survival of an alien attack on Talos I, but he doesn’t remember much about what happened in the past. He needs to discover what’s the best way to defeat the Typhon that conquered the space station.

The four-legged spiders look great, and Morgan has to eliminate them from Talos 1. The Mimics are Typhon aliens (shapeshifting) that can become small objects (even coffee cups), so you never know when you run into one.

The game offers a fantastic setting for its players to discover, with highly intense combat and various playing styles that many first-person shooter fans are going to appreciate.

   3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (recommended)

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

It’s one of the most extended-lasting PC game series, and it was the 80s when it hit the market. This one is a recent addition to the franchise, continuing the story from where the New Order left off.

The first-person shooter has an exciting history story, with the Nazi-busting action taking the game to another level.

You can run the game on Windows 7,8.1, and ten platforms. Your PC has to have eight GB RAM and 55 GB hard drive space. Intel Core i5-3570/i7-3770 CPUs or AMD FX-8350 is compatible with the game.

The star war veteran BJ Blazkowicz runs the resistance against the Nazi politics in America. The action happens in the 60s, and the game provides a convincing history story, with numerous turns and twists.

Despite the fact the story happens in the 60s, the game has a great sci-fi feel as it contains plenty of futuristic guns that players can combine.

Incredibly enough, Blazkowicz goes to Venus too. The photo-realistic graphics give life to the game and ensure a real feel to it.

   4. Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity Original Sin II

It’s both a multiplayer and a single-player game that made quite an impression when it hit the market. Original Sin II is one of the best games in the last ten years, rending this one to be just as good.

You can buy it for less than $50 on Steam or look for the Eternal and Divine editions. They include soundtracks, digital art books, art packs, several design documents, and even Divinity anthology.

The game runs on 64-bit Windows 10, 8.1 and seven platforms, with Original Sin II running on PC with no less than four GB RAM and Intel Core i5 CPU.

The fantasy RPG set in the mesmerizing world of Rivellion attracts the player for exploration. There’s a deep turn-based combat system in the game, which explains the one-of-a-kind tactical scope.

It’s a flexible RPG that allows the players to develop their characters (complete customization) or scenarios with the Game Master Mode.

Many are going to like glittering graphics and fantastic music a lot. Not many RPGs allow you to do so many things as you do with Original Sin II.

   5. Bayonetta


If you’re into classic action-adventure games, this one is an excellent choice for you. The game was launched for the consoles ten years ago. The rather extravagant combat enchanted the players and it was SEGA that re-invented the game’s Windows port.

The game has never been better, and its single-player action game runs on Windows 10/8.1/8/7. You only need $20 buying it, with the game also running on laptops and desktops with even fours GB RAM and Core i3 3220 CPU.

Bayonetta is all-new shapeshifted and gun-wielded, and it’s on a mission to discover the mystical MacGuffin. It’s a vibrating third-person action game, with Bayonetta slaying angles everywhere.

There’s a new combat system for the game, including multiple combos for players to use and some dodges for freezing the enemies with Witch Time.

There’s an impressive range of weaponry to use within the game. SEGA has developed the Windows port with scalable texture, 4K resolution, anti-aliasing, and exciting graphics choices that improve the overall quality for the game.

It’s truly an excellent game for Windows players.

   6. Tides of Numenera

Tides of Numenera

It’s the continuing game of the classic Planescape: Torment RPG. It has a science fantasy tabletop RPG theme, and Monte Cooke designed it.

You can find it on Amazon for $25 or so, or look for the Immortal and Legacy edition game packs. They include an art book, digital soundtrack, concept art, ringtones, and other exciting extras.

The game runs on 64-bit Windows 10/8.1/8/7, on Xbox One, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. One can play it on the Playstation 4 console too.

It’s one of the best RPG releases, making a great choice along with Original Sin II. It has one the popularity from many players out there thanks to its attractive setting and story-driven gameplay, combining both fantasy and science-fiction.

The action takes place in a faraway future, in the Ninth World era. Numerous civilizations have risen and fallen, leaving parts of their technologies, known as Numenera (magic).

There’s quite a sophisticated text narrative for the game, which makes it rather old-school RPG. There are many side quests, and the epic story offers many options for the player. The gams also impress with its replayability feature.

Even if the game may not ring a bell for you, it’s still a captivating RPG.

   7. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

There are many gamers out there that see the Witcher 3 as one of the best games that ever existed. We sit on the fence, though.

The game is excellent, and you may play it both online and offline.

It does include plenty of addictive game features, various and numerous weapons and creatures. You need them for going to the next level. You need to choose wisely since every decision that you make matters for the ending. The game has 36 possible endings, so think twice before making that call.

One last piece of advice

You need to update your Steam’s client application files so that you can go offline. For example, your status is 100%-Ready, and still, receive the message “This game cannot be started in Offline Mode” (when trying to play offline). You should have updated your Steam application’s files.

More often than not, it’s the Firewall settings that don’t let Steam update on its own. You should take a look at the Troubleshooting Network Connectivity by Steam Support to find out the configurations you need for your network so that Steam is always updated. If not, you may also find it challenging to run the Offline Mode.

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