Best City Building Games

Best city Building Games

Back in the day, there were many city-building games for PC that encouraged the gamers to use their imagination for building virtual towns and cities. The strategy games were great for helping the players develop architectural creativity and learn about how the big cities are operating.

What’s the story with the city building games?

A virtual city builder has to manage the residents on economic, social, and even political level. Managing an entire city and strategic planning aren’t as straightforward as it sounds, and it all depends on the gamer how the city looks and functions.

Thanks to the building games, the player can claim on a different world and altering it in his/her way. Most of the time, everything starts from scratch, offering the player the possibility to take a look at the creation from various angles. The actions of the player lead to all the changes within the game.

Fun and creative, the city building games are highly addictive, and they may last for as long as the player decide.

As for the names of the games, they are also interesting, attracting the players.

What are our suggestions?

We’re going to give you some details on the most popular city-building games at the moment. You shouldn’t see it as a ranking display, but rather as a comprehensive guide on the most attractive options currently.

  • Tropico 5

An entry-level player is going to want to try Tropico 5 as it’s one of the most appealing games when it comes to city building. It’s attractive as it’s somewhat comedic. The game is still sophisticated, keeping the player hooked in for many hours.

Tropico 5

You’re going to start your adventure as a governor in the Victorian era, hoping to become “El President” of the always-developing island nation. You have the opportunity to lead the people of the tropical heaven through various ages while struggling to maintain your leadership position. You need everything there is that you can for holding on to your title, no matter if its bribing officials, rigging the election, or showing off your military power. Politics is quite vital within the game, so make sure you’re ready to get your hands dirty.

  • Anno 2070

The game is probably one of the most addictive city building games out there. It uses the “carrot-on-a-stick” method for catching the gamer’s attention and interest. The more you play, the many the rewards you get. The game takes place in a not-so-far future and gives the players the possibility to reshape civilization after some disasters have ruined the majority of the planet.

Every type of player is going to find something that plays its music: warfare, large-scale economy, and deep gameplay. You can even build a city underwater as anything, and everything is possible in the new world.

  • Cities: Skylines


The game is quite different for many of its counterparts. The player isn’t going to have to find solutions in case of disasters nor fight enemies of the city. Instead, he/she is going to concentrate on building an astonishing town with life. It’s the level of micromanagement that impresses on the game. When you’re managing a city, you need to handle taxes, develop city zones, establish businesses, to lay water pipes, building roads, exploit resources, and make the city run like a clock. By the time you’re completing your city, you’re going to have your metropolis with people living, working, and functioning as a real-world version. The level of detail is, for real, unbeatable.

  • Frostpunk

The name is a tail teller as the game is about how warmth is fundamental for surviving the severe cold. There’s a different version for the history of humanity, with humanity having to take defeat from climate change. Humankind had to accept the extreme weather that destroyed almost the entire planet. It’s a bit dark if you think of it (especially since we all fear climate change).

You’re the leader of humanity in the game, and everyone is putting their faith in you. You have to use only so little resources to try and build a safe place for the people that are still alive.

If you have a tender heart, the game may be too much for you as it involves a lot of moral and technical difficulties. The more you get into the game, the more you’re going to have to deal with incredibly difficult choices that are going to change the world for good.

It’s the depth and the storytelling that makes Frostpunk such a fantastic and exciting choice within the category.

  • Planet base

Planet base

As the game is impressing with the space theme, it challenges the player to deal with resource management, base building, citizen happiness. The different types of planets are what makes the Planet Base stand out from the crowd. There are four different planets to choose from, each with a growing level of difficulty. There are various environmental hazards in each scenario. For example, you may have to deal with the sub-zero temperatures on the frozen planet or find a solution to the storm effects on the Storm Planet. It’s the gamer that has to keep the people alive while creating a steady and growing colony.

  • Aven Colony

The player is going to have to deal with all sorts of strange, weird things within the Aven Colony game, with the aliens trying to install their civilizations. Extreme weather, alien plagues, adverse species are some of the many challenges for the gamer that still fights to protect his own tiny universe. The player supervises so that the citizens survive. Mining minerals for resources, building hospitals, and keep everything in order are some of the jobs you have to run. Once your city is steady, you may start focusing on bigger goals. Developing exploration missions and large-scale military missions are a few examples of the many purposes to have.

  • SimCity

The franchise SimCity isn’t very new and has been out there for some years now. The first series was released three decades ago. Many see the game as quite the grandfather of city-building games that created the opportunities for so many games years afterward.

Even if it’s not the most innovative game in our selection, the formula of the game is one solid choice that never disappoints. You can play it on your PC, console, and there’s even an interest in creating the version for the mobile gadgets.

  • Valhalla Hills

Have you ever dreamed about winning the favor of a Nordic God for a better place in Valhalla? If so, Valhalla Hills is your game for the day! It resembles the long-time favorite Settlers games, in which you would have to build settlements for winning favors with Odin.

Valhalla Hills

The game is a more relaxed option within the category, but it’s no less worth to try. The cartoonish and colored art style is attractive, and the focus on combat isn’t as important as it is with other games. You still need to fight for resources with the local Dwarven people and some monsters may come along the way too. However, most of the time, you’re going to concentrate on expanding the Nordic empire.

  • Urban Empire

The game surprises in an excellent way as it has a slightly different take on city-building games. It’s not concentrating on the building matter but instead challenges you to encourage your people through diplomacy. You’re going to spend a lot of your time trying to get more votes and favor among your people. You get to develop relationships and ruin them as well, as you’re continually trying to create a better lifestyle for your empire.

If you’re all about the “historical family drama” and less about the strategy game, the Urban Empire may be your best option when it comes to city-building games.

  • Surviving Mars

As you can tell by the name, Surviving Mars is one choice for the gamer that likes exploring and space colonies a lot. Your journey will begin on Mars (which is an empty desert). However, you’re going to have access to all sorts of tools for turning Mars into a habitable place. The game doesn’t address to the faint of heart as you’re going to struggle with lack of oxygen, lethal atmosphere, and barren land and nothing comes easy. Once you’ve managed to create the comfortable place, you’re going to have to make people come to your colony. Helping them stay alive sounds easy, but the game is anything but easy! How are your micro-managing skills?

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