Amusing Gadgets- Why Do We Need Them &Which Ones Do We Like Right Now?

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It’s fair to say that we all like the cool gadgets that hit the market any now and then. It’s also fair to say that some of the devices out there manage to leave us both confused and amused. Whether you see them online or in someone’s home, amusing gadgets are both fun and functional, rending us to be torn: are they toys or useful devices?

Why do we like amusing gadgets?

One can only wonder why use an RGB space toilet/booth with a smart bidet that gives a constant stream of water at a plexiglass wall. Do we ever wonder why eye massagers are made with hot-plates since they could quickly burn your eyelashes?

Why would anyone be interested in a smartphone app that may read and count sperm count? Is it ok for parents to buy camera probes for taking pictures of their babies inner ears? What about the Lamborghini massage chair that is surrounded by babes (barely closed) gyrating to heavy metal?

The most appropriate answer is a definite “we just don’t know.” It doesn’t mean that weird and funny/functional gadgets are always going to hit the market, so it’s the customer to decide whether he/she needs it or not.

We took a good look to see what’s out there and we’ve come up with a selection. We find most of the gadgets, both amusing and useful, but it’s you to decide if you make the buy or not.

What do we like the most?

Without any further ado, let’s check closer some of the most amusing gadgets at the moment. The chances are that you’re going to like at least a couple of them (we liked them all!):

   1. Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow

Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow

Using a pillow for falling asleep is overrated- you should try an iMusic Pillow now. It’s a soft pillow that comes with speakers built inside. You may relax with no headphones and listen to your favorite tracks right from the pillows.

The speakers are placed inside, so it’s comfy to enjoy the music and slowly drift off. You may quickly turn off “the pillow” (isn’t this a weird thing to say about a pillow) once you’re ready to sleep.

If you’re dealing with tinnitus, the pillow is going to create background noise, helping you fall asleep easier. It may even help with insomnia as it relaxes.

Music is just one of the things you can play with the “pillow.” You may also try audiobooks, learn anew language, or some self-help training courses.

The pillow is portable so you can take it with you on a trip. You cannot machine wash it, and any kid younger than five shouldn’t use it.

   2. Zwitscherbox Motion Sensor Bird Sound Box – White Oak

Zwitscherbox Motion Sensor Bird Sound Box

We don’t get the chance to go to a forest as often as we want. Twittering of birds is both soothing and beautiful, and the Zwitscherbox brings the lovely sound to you.

A smart motion sensor is going to activate the device every time someone is close to it. You may even adjust the volume or switch it off when you’re away from home.

You don’t need any power cable, and you can take the Zwitscherbox wherever you like.

   3. Jam Jar Wireless Speaker

Jam Jar Wireless Speaker

Any tech frenzies are going to fancy the Jam Jar wireless speaker as it provides a straightforward connection to music, movies, and contacts.

You may play your tunes, have a talk with your friends with the 360 speakers Bluetooth connection and remote, even without taking the phone from its case.

It’s USB rechargeable and compatible with most phones. It runs for  6+ hours, and you may use it for answering calls from another room. It comes with remote control and allows you to play wirelessly with Bluetooth.

   4. Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder

Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder

We’re all complaining about how we could use an extra hand when cooking. Multi-tasking isn’t smooth, and the Lazy Arm is that extra-hand we’ve all wanted. It can hold your smartphone while you are cooking dinner. It helps you take a peek at a movie or listen to a song while adding the ingredients in your pot.

It’s easy to install on many surfaces thanks to its clip-on edge. It’s also flexible, and you may easily mold it for obtaining the best angle.

It works with most smartphones out there, which turns it into a great gift to offer to a friend in need!

Presenting 360 high-quality speakers with bass booster, the Lazy Arm Holder is making any work a lot more fun!

   5. Scribble Writing Alarm Clock

Scribble Writing Alarm Clock

We’ve all been there: reminding in the middle of the night that tomorrow is our doctor’s appointment. And we’ve all said “I’m not going to forget!”, and yet, we did.

The Scribble Writing Alarm clock is a fantastic bedtime tool that writes down everything you need for remembering in the morning.

It’s a scribble alarm clock with a modern design that you may use for writing a lovely message for your better half. Or for reminding your kids not to eat cookies before breakfast- either way!

It comes with four-alarm songs and a scribble pen, showing time, temperature, date, and year. You can use it as a birthday reminder and alarm. On top of everything else, the tool illuminates touching the top of the screen. It also lights up when the alarm goes off.

It’s not an alarm clock, but also a notepad, a helper, and even a love-spreader!

   6. Self-Stirring Mug

Self-Stirring Mug

On a scale from 0 to 10, just how lazy are you? If you’re a bright 10, Xmas came early this year. You only have to flick the switch, allowing the mug to stir away. It’s that easy! One thing to mention, though is that you need to insert the batteries so that the cup begins stirring.

Sit back, take a deep breath, and let the Self-Stirring Mug do its job. Isn’t this fun?

   7. Spaceman Table Lamp

Spaceman table Lamp

Most kids dreamed about becoming a NASA engineer and get to wear the cool spacesuits!

The Spaceman Lamp is excellent to place on your bedside table so that you can make your inner child happy again. It’s an energy-efficient lamp, with the power cable feeding into the spaceman’s backpack, similar to real astronaut’s lifeline. It’s energy-efficient, so don’t stress over the energy bill.


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