How It Works

Management Dashboard

The BrightContext Management Dashboard makes configuring data channels and managing your projects fast and easy.


We currently provide SDKs for JavaScript and iOS.  We’ll be developing an SDK for Android and other environments soon.  While feature-rich, the SDKs are elegant and easy to use.

Multiple Real-time Communication Protocol Support for Comprehensive Cross-Browser Compatibility

Our JS SDK offers comprehensive cross-browser communication compatibility.  The SDK will communicate first over WebSockets. If it detects that the browser does not support WebSockets, the SDK falls back to communicating through Flash methods.  If the SDK detects that the browser does not support Flash, it will automatically fall back to performing long polling.  This way, you don’t need to worry about ensuring that your real-time communication is cross-browser compatible.


BrightContext can scale to support millions of concurrent users.

Secure Writing to Channels

Channels can be configured to require a Write Key in order to publish data to the channel.  Write Keys are useful for applications where you want to have a limited group of users publish to a channel.

Diagnostic Tool

Use the Diagnostic Tool to troubleshoot and experiment with our API through a simple web-based utility.

Active User Tracking

QuantChannels can be configured to track the number of users that are actively submitting data. This is particularly useful for polling and voting applications where you want to display the opinion only from the users that are currently active.

Runtime Filters

You can change the processing on the fly in a QuantChannel by passing in runtime filters.

Save Channel History with ChannelWrite

ChannelWrite is a powerful feature that enables uses to save and access a history of activity within their channels. ChannelWrite can save message history as well as create history for aggregate metrics calculated by QuantChannels. In addition to enabling trending analysis, channel history is handy for situations where a user is joining a real-time app or game that is already underway and you wish to populate a user’s app with the data from the last X minutes so he/she can catch up. All accounts include basic ChannelWrite capacity, and you can upgrade your capacity as needed.

Multiple Inputs and Outputs

Both QuantChannels as well as ThruChannels support multiple inputs and multiple outputs.  So it’s possible to set up sophisticated data processing configurations involving multiple data sources and/or broadcasting data through multiple output feeds. As well, you can direct data from multiple inputs into a single output stream joining together multiple input streams.


Metrics within the management dashboard let you analyze and track the traffic volume through your channels.

Node.js Support

Our JS SDK allows you to communicate with the BrightContext platform from within your Node Applications. You can plug-in custom Node modules to handle unique stream processing requirements.

Ingest and Process Twitter Streams

Use our point-and-click interface to define a Tweet stream based on usernames and terms. Then, filter and process those streams.

SSL Encrypted Channels

Encrypted channels secure your data in transit using the SSL protocol.

Powerful Custom Filters

Split inputs by character or regular expression. Create powerful stream filters with our easy to use expression builder.

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