Why BrightContext


  • BrightContext is truly real-time. We do stream processing, not batch.
  • BrightContext provides support for extreme and highly dynamic scale demands; essentially any workload.
  • BrightContext provides real-time aggregation processing as well as filtering.
  • In addition to stream analytic processing, BrightContext provides historical storage and is able to push results to any number of endpoints instantly.
  • FunnelCake enables sophisticated processing with a few lines of script and platform Plug-ins enable 100% custom algorithmic processing modules.


  • BrightContext is delivered in an on-demand cloud model.
  • BrightContext’s intuitive dashboard makes it is easy to use and deploy.


  • BrightContext provides a data-agnostic approach capable of processing and analyzing signals from a variety of data sources. As the world is increasingly instrumented with Internet connected devices, the ability to flexibly intermingle data from various sources will become an imperative for obtaining an accurate and holistic view.
  • BrightContext’s straightforward API and SDKs make it flexible and easy to integrate with apps and other systems.
  • BrightContext makes it simple to create sub-streams from a master stream enabling flexible data distribution throughout an organization.