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Know right away, take immediate action.

Any Input

Ingest from any source for new insights and fewer system silos.

Flexible Processing

Know you have the stream processing power for any situation.

Versatile Output

Easily power visualizations, generate alerts, and create downstream feeds.

Data Push

Instantly update any number of users for greater organizational awareness.


Handle huge volumes without backend development or capital investments in infrastructure.

Cloud Service

Get speed, agility, and savings by offloading complex operations and maintenance.

Easy Integration

Integrate with most any app or system quickly, at a lower cost.

NVTC Innovator Award Cloud Category Winner BrightContext

In The Press

Ars Technica

... makes building complex stream processing systems as easy as filling out a Web form and writing a few lines of script.


...easy way for developers to incorporate those streams into their websites and mobile apps

Big Data

... with BrightContext, we were able to create a turnkey news experience around real-time feedback in a matter of days

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